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Guangzhou Port Nansha phase I two new door machine through acceptance Yongtong help port loading and unloading upgrade


Recently, Yongtong Heavy Machinery for Guangzhou port Nansha Phase I construction of two portal cranes completed test acceptance. After the new door machine is put into operation, it will further adapt to the production needs of the port area, improve the operation efficiency, and inject new impetus into the production of the port area.


In order to ensure the smooth installation and commissioning of the two door engines into the port, Yongtong Heavy Machine attaches great importance to it and sets up a special working group to make detailed arrangements for the overall work of equipment from berthing, docking, unloading, hoisting and landing, installation and commissioning in advance, and do a good job in various safety measures.


In order to efficiently complete the gantry unloading operation and reduce the impact on production, the Hong Kong side cooperated with Yongtong Heavy Machinery to coordinate the ship floating crane berthing plan. The gantry transport adopted two large pieces of ship transportation, pre-fabricated slewing support docking tools in advance, and completed the unloading and final assembly of two new gantry machines in only one shift by using the self-rotating floating crane operation.



Nansha Phase I Wharf of Guangzhou Port is the main wharf of cargo water transit in Nansha Port area. In view of the actual situation of high utilization rate, high heavy box rate, mechanical maintenance and so on, the two door cranes manufactured by Yongtong Heavy Machine have a full range rated lifting weight of 45 tons, the maximum working range of 35m, with automatic telescopic rotary container crane, hook and other working tools, which can meet the loading and unloading needs of containers, general cargo, major cargo and other cargo types. The equipment adopts domestic advanced manufacturing technology, has the characteristics of reasonable structure layout, flexible and accurate mechanism action, safe and reliable use, convenient maintenance, etc., to help Nansha Port area efficient production.