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Two 100 tons metallurgical bridge crane project successfully passed the acceptance


Recently, two QDZ (100/32t) metallurgical bridge crane projects designed and manufactured by Guangdong Yongtong Heavy Machine for Guangdong Jinzhili Technology Co., LTD., successfully passed the load test and acceptance under the joint witness of the owner and the supervisor.


The metallurgical bridge crane installed in the newly built foundry is used for lifting hot metal or ladle of steel. The whole machine span 44 meters, lifting height 22 meters, lifting weight 100 tons, the main beam integrated manufacturing, no interface in the middle. High precision synchronization technology, safety redundancy technology, mature structure design and safety monitoring and management system are adopted to improve the safety and reliability of the whole machine.


Before the construction of the project, the installation department of Yongtong Heavy Machine strictly formulated internal control objectives, formulated special construction plans for lifting and hoisting, identified risks in advance, and coordinated with each other and strictly checked each process, so as to complete the task safely and efficiently and ensure the successful completion of hoisting of the crane.



The two QDZ metallurgical bridge cranes passed the acceptance, marking a major breakthrough in the construction of the customer's project and a further step away from the goal of completion and production.