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Guangdong Yongtong heavy machine workers vocational skills competition was successfully held


In order to carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship of excellence, deepen the reform of the construction of industrial workers, and promote the strategy of talents and strong enterprises, the 2023 Shunde District workers' vocational skills Competition was held this week in Guangdong Yongtong Lifting Machinery Co., LTD.


Under the guidance of Shunde Federation of Trade Unions, Yongtong production department actively participated in this competition, and 7 participating teams gathered together to compete. This competition is divided into two parts: theoretical knowledge and field practice. Theoretical knowledge accounted for 30%, field practice accounted for 70% of the final score. The theoretical knowledge mainly evaluates the safety common sense and the operation standard content, which is carried out in the form of urgent answer. The field practice is divided into welding products team competition and forklift control skills competition. Safety inspection, material preparation, welding appearance and quality, and safe and civilized production are used as scoring criteria. The participating teams shall be organized by the staff of the production department, 3 people in a group, and the corresponding finished products shall be made according to the requirements of the drawings.





The competition form of "theoretical written test + skill practical operation" integrates professional knowledge and practical operation skills in a two-way way, and truly promotes learning by competition, practice by learning, and practice by application. After intense competition, the first team of the training class won the first prize, the assembly delegation won the second prize, and the good welding men's team won the third prize;


The skills competition for the growth of enterprise skills to build a platform, the players carry forward the spirit of unity and cooperation, calm, calm thinking, challenge themselves, in the competition to show Yongtong employees forge ahead, hard work and upward spirit, create a condensed heart, excellence of the atmosphere.