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Guangzhou Nansha Port phase I two new gantry cranes "landed" Yongtong help port loading and unloading upgrade


Recently, with the completion of the docking of the red gantry slewing support, Nansha Phase I completed the unloading and assembly operations of two new gantry cranes with only one shift time. After the new door machine is put into operation, it will further adapt to the production needs of the port area, improve the operation efficiency, and inject new impetus into the production of the port area.





In order to efficiently complete the gantry unloading operation and reduce the impact on production, Nansha Phase I developed the unloading work plan in advance, coordinated the ship floating crane berthing plan, adopted two large pieces of gantry transport transport, prefabricated slewing support docking tools in advance, and adopted the self-rotating floating crane operation to shorten the time occupied by the shoreline without affecting the original gantry production. Effectively improve the unloading efficiency.

Nansha Phase I Terminal is the main terminal for cargo water and water transfer in Nansha Port area. In view of the actual situation of high utilization rate, high heavy box rate and mechanical maintenance, Nansha Phase I also organized technical backbone to carry out technological innovation, according to rich maintenance experience, optimize and upgrade the metal structure design of the new door engine, and adopt the new embedded arm frame design to effectively improve the structural strength of the support and solve the pain points of mechanical operation and maintenance. At present, the utility model patent declared based on the technology has passed the preliminary examination.