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Guangdong Yongtong heavy machine LOGO change notice


Dear customers and partners:
Thank you for your attention and support to Yongtong Heavy Machine. In order to cooperate with the implementation of the company's development strategy and further enhance the company's image and influence, the company will fully implement the new corporate Logo (Logo) from October 2023.

New and old corporate LOGO display


The new LOGO design interpretation is as follows:
The upgrade of the new LOGO mainly extracted the elements of the "Yongtong" pinyin letters, and then combined with industry characteristics for fusion design. Yongtong's development concept of "environmental protection, energy saving and sustainable" is represented by green. The logo is clean and simple, which means that Yongtong Heavy Machine will meet new opportunities and challenges with a more dynamic and distinctive brand image.

We will uphold the fine style of unity, endeavour, hard work and innovation, further contribute to the society, create a unique brand image, plan and draw the latest and most beautiful development blueprint of the company, and create a better future.

During the transition period, the company's official website, promotion, photo album and other logos will be replaced one after another, the old and new logo logo has the same effect, the LOGO change will not affect the company's operation, Yongtong Heavy machine will as always focus on quality and service, to provide you with stable and reliable lifting products.