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office automation system

Our company has introduced the OA office automation system since 2010, optimized the management organization structure, adjusted the management system, realized automation, digital office, high work efficiency, strong collaborative office ability, efficient and consistent decision-making.

Product Data Management System

Our company has introduced the product lifecycle management system PLM (product lifecycle management)-PDM product data management system since 2012, established a centralized management product development data warehouse, and standardized the complete set of electronic, software drawings and technical documents; sharing The data platform, parallel development method, electronic sign-off and change control process; established the overall planning of the process system, standardized process management and sorting out the business process; established the project management platform and collaborative work space for product research and development, and other application systems effective integration of information. At present, the data management and project management level of our products are leading in the industry; our product research and development efficiency is higher, and the product development cycle is shorter; the level of collaboration between research and development and the marketing, sales, production, and after-sales service departments is higher, and the response is faster .

Enterprise Resource Planning System ERP System

In 2015, our company introduced the ERP enterprise resource planning system, and a large amount of basic data of the enterprise is shared. Through the computer, the basic data maintained by various departments can be queried and statistically analyzed, which reflects the prediction and planning in advance, the control during the event, and the statistics after the event. The management idea of and analysis can effectively improve the utilization efficiency of human resources, time resources, equipment utilization, etc., so that we can make decisions faster and more accurately in the industry, with good product quality, high cost performance, accurate delivery time, and stronger adaptability. .








Precise positioning technology

It meets the precise positioning requirements of automated cranes and lays a technical foundation for the development of automated cranes.

Electronic anti-sway technology

It solves the swaying problem of the wire rope spreader, and provides reliable technical support for realizing the high efficiency and safety of the crane.

New weighing device

The weighing accuracy is up to 1/1000, which meets the user's high-precision weighing requirements.

Super windbreaker

The wind resistance level of outdoor cranes reaches level 17.

Energy feedback technology

The energy storage solution is mature and reliable, and the lifespan of the energy storage device is >1 million times. The regenerative energy inside the system is recycled, and the energy saving efficiency is high. The power saving rate of the whole machine is > 20%, and the power saving rate of the system under special working conditions can be > 40%. The external energy optimization system does not affect the normal use of the original electronic control system. Even if the energy-saving system fails, the electronic control system can still operate normally after the automatic decommissioning, which does not affect the production operation of the main engine of the equipment.

Remote monitoring technology

The cloud online crane monitoring system developed by Yongtong Heavy Industry is an option for crane configuration. It collects crane-related data and stores it in the cloud, and uses the powerful functions of cloud computing to mine big data, so as to provide users with better services and establish experts. The library provides users with detailed services more accurately. The system has functions such as safety monitoring, communication, network, storage, online monitoring, remote diagnosis, status playback, fault recording, fault tracking, report analysis, etc., and can provide corresponding solutions and implementations according to the actual needs of customers.

Remote fault diagnosis function

The remote fault diagnosis system is mainly used to comprehensively monitor and manage the safety status of hoisting machinery, and provide real-time monitoring of cranes, fault analysis and processing, data acquisition, operation and maintenance, production statistics and overall equipment usage analysis. Output in the form of reports can effectively provide comprehensive and timely data assistance for management decision-makers, and at the same time help maintenance personnel monitor and maintain cranes.


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