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School-enterprise industry-university-research cooperation helps enterprises transform and upgrade


On December 29, 2021, it was a great day for Guangdong Yongtong Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. to sign a cooperation agreement with Guangdong University of Technology.


In his speech, Chairman Ye Honghong of Yongtong Heavy Machinery pointed out that the cooperation between school-enterprise production, education and research is the inherent demand of enterprise development and progress under the new situation and a strategic measure to achieve a win-win situation. Based on the "Heavy Handling and Storage Technology Joint Innovation Center", it will give full play to the scientific research advantages and talent advantages of colleges and universities, and reach cooperation intentions in personnel training, engineering design and research and development, information services, etc., to help Yongtong Heavy Machinery's technological innovation and industrial upgrading.

Today, after many exchanges and exchanges with Guangdong University of Technology, a cooperation agreement was finally signed, marking a substantial part of the cooperation between the two parties, which will surely become an important milestone in the technological innovation and development of Yongtong Heavy Machinery.

In the future, through the joint efforts of both parties, within the framework of the agreement, the complementary advantages and the combination of work and learning will surely be able to jointly push the cooperation to a new height and achieve a win-win situation for both parties.


Finally, Chairman Ye Honghong of Yongtong Heavy Machinery accompanied Professor Wu Liming, Professor Wang Guitang of Guangdong University of Technology and a group of graduate students of Guanggong to visit the Yongtong exhibition hall to understand the development history of Yongtong.