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2021 Work Injury Prevention Skills Competition


On December 16, our company organized to participate in the "2021 Work Injury Prevention" organized by Foshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Foshan Emergency Management Bureau, Foshan Municipal Health Bureau, Foshan Municipal Social Security Fund Administration and Guangdong Work Injury Rehabilitation Center Skills Competition", after the "work-related injury prevention knowledge competition", "limited space operation operation", "emergency rescue competition", our team finally won the runner-up in this work-related injury prevention skills competition. The level of knowledge and skills of workers’ work-related injury prevention, promote the enterprise to do a good job in safe production, make the awareness, knowledge and skills of scientific work-related injury prevention into the mind, reduce the occurrence of work-related accidents from the source; at the same time, show the positive spirit of the participating teams and create a healthy A harmonious working and living atmosphere encourages employees to work with higher knowledge and skills and more enthusiasm, thereby creating a good social atmosphere for the public to participate in work-related injury prevention