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Introduction: QD general bridge crane, the crane depends on the longitudinal movement along the direction of the supporting rail on the crane beam of the plant, the transverse movement of the trolley and the lifting and lowering of the hook to realize the working process. The common lifting capacity is 5-200t (larger lifting capacity can be customized), the working level is A5-A7, and the working environment temperature is - 25 ℃~40 ℃. It is prohibited to use in flammable, explosive and corrosive media environment. There are three modes of operation for users to choose: ground control, control room control and remote control.

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Product Details

QD general bridge crane (hereinafter referred to as general crane) is designed and manufactured according to the standard GB/T14405-93, with the working class of A3~A6 and the working ambient temperature of - 25 ℃~+40 ℃.

This product is a general-purpose crane, which is mainly used in machinery manufacturing, assembly, warehouse and other places, and is not suitable for working under the following conditions:

A. Environment with explosion hazard and fire hazard;

B. Places with relative humidity greater than 85% and environments full of corrosive gases;

C. Lift molten metal, toxic substances and flammable and explosive substances.

The crane is operated by ground handle+remote control.

The structural features of this crane are as follows:

1. The general bridge crane is composed of two parts: crane and trolley. The trolley is equipped with lifting mechanism and trolley running mechanism, and the whole trolley runs along the trolley track installed on the main beam cover plate; The crane part is composed of crane bridge, etc. The crane bridge is equipped with crane traveling mechanism and trolley power transmission device.

2. The metal structure of the crane is composed of bridge and trolley frame, which is the bearing structure of the crane. The bridge is composed of main beam, end beam, walkway and guard rail. The main beam and end beam are welded into a box-shaped section structure by steel plates, with sufficient strength, rigidity and stability to ensure the safe operation of the crane.

3. The transmission mechanism of crane mechanism consists of lifting mechanism, trolley traveling mechanism, crane traveling mechanism, etc

Three parts.

4. The electric drive part is composed of electrical equipment and electrical circuit. Electrical equipment includes various mechanisms

Motor, brake drive device, electrical control device and electrical protection device; Electrical circuit

It is composed of main circuit, control circuit and warning signal circuit.

5. This product is represented as follows:

Lifting capacity of this machine: 10t; Span: 22.50m; Working level: A6;

Control mode: ground control+remote control (D+Y)

Expression method: QD10-22.50 A6 D+Y GB/G14405-93


The recommended maximum lifting capacity of QD universal bridge crane is 200t

The standard lifting height of QD universal bridge crane can reach up to 100 meters

The standard span of QD universal bridge crane can reach up to 50 meters

QD universal bridge crane is designed and manufactured according to GB and ISO standards

Tailor-made for customers to meet the needs of different industries

Rich experience in the usage, usage environment and technical requirements of cranes in various usage scenarios

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