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L type gantry crane

Introduction: L-type gantry crane refers to the gantry crane designed with "L" type legs, which is generally a single-beam gantry structure. L-type gantry crane can be divided into electric hoist gantry crane and hook gantry crane according to the different slings used.

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Product Details

1、 L-type single-beam electric hoist gantry crane

1) Concept and scope of application:

L-type electric hoist gantry crane, used together with CD, MD and other electric hoist models, is a small and medium-sized gantry crane with rail operation. This product is a general purpose gantry crane, which is mainly used for loading and unloading or grasping materials in open places and warehouses. There are two types of operation: indoor operation and ground operation.

2) The basic parameters are as follows:

Lifting capacity: 5~25 (t)

Lifting height (h): 8~15 (m)

Span: 12~35 (m)

3) Features:

The operation mode can be remote control or ground operation, with lower cost and easier operation.

The electric hoist is used for the operation of the crane trolley, which has good market versatility and is convenient for maintenance.

2、 L-type single-beam hook gantry crane

1) Concept and scope of application:

L-type single-beam hook gantry crane is composed of gantry, crane traveling mechanism, trolley and electrical equipment. The gantry is of box-shaped welded structure, and the crane traveling mechanism is driven separately. All mechanisms are operated in the control room. The conductive form of the gantry crane can be divided into two types: cable and sliding contact wire, which can be selected when ordering. L-type single-beam hook gantry crane is applicable to the lifting of goods in various open places, and is suitable for the mutual transfer of steel, steel coil and other large materials inside and outside the yard. It is a material handling equipment widely used in mining plants, stations, ports and other departments.

2) The basic parameters are as follows:

Lifting capacity: 5~32 (t)

Lifting height (h): 10~16 (m)

Span: 18~32 (m)

3) Features:

Reasonable structure design and strong rigidity of the whole machine

Adopt cab driving operation, barrier-free, clear and wide vision, easy to operate

The crane trolley is driven centrally, with compact layout and good synchronization

Convenient for transportation, easy to move, load and span

Tailor-made for customers to meet the needs of different industries

Rich experience in the usage, usage environment and technical requirements of cranes in various usage scenarios

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