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Garbage grab crane

Introduction: The layout design of garbage grab crane is composed of garbage grab, lifting device, walking device, power distribution device, weighing device and control equipment, etc. Its type is bridge crane, and the crane grab is a multi-flap hydraulic grab. Its design service conditions are for heavy duty operation in dusty air. It has the functions of automatic peeling, metering, pre-alarm and overload protection, and can display and record various parameters of feeding in the crane control room.

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Product Details

The structure of garbage grab crane is mainly composed of bridge, crane operating mechanism, main lifting mechanism, trolley operating mechanism, grab, weighing device, etc.

Bridge: The main beam and end beam of the bridge are in the form of box beam, with light dead weight, high vertical and horizontal stiffness, and small wheel pressure transmitted to the track beam.

Crane operating mechanism: the crane operating mechanism is designed on the welded box girder with corner bearings, and connected to the end girder through solid and reliable feeler bearings, which is very convenient to replace.

Main lifting mechanism: a motor drives four steel wire ropes on two drums through two hard tooth surface reducers to lift the four-point hydraulic grab. The distance between the four ropes is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom, so that the grab has anti-swing characteristics and accurate parking positioning.

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