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Grab Crane

Introduction: The garbage grab crane is the core equipment of the feeding system of various garbage incineration power plants in modern cities, located above the garbage storage pit, and mainly undertakes the feeding, handling, mixing, taking and weighing of garbage. The garbage grab crane produced by Weihua Group can perform strict lifting and transportation operations to ensure the normal operation of the garbage incineration power plant. The crane can realize manual, semi-automatic and full-automatic control.

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Product Details

The garbage grab crane can not only grasp the domestic garbage with irregular characteristics, but also mix the garbage in the garbage storage pit according to the requirements of garbage incineration. Dispose and stack in different areas to realize the realization of domestic waste. Preliminary fermentation. The low calorific value of domestic waste is about 5000kJ/kg, and the water content is about 50%. Compared with cities in developed countries, it is characterized by low calorific value, high water content and large changes in composition. Mixing, stacking and fermenting are used for the treatment of the first stage waste, which can effectively improve the content of combustible components in the incoming waste, reduce the heat loss of the incoming waste in the drying process, and improve the low calorific value of the waste. Domestic garbage enters the furnace. During the mixing process of domestic waste, most of the water is filtered out in the form of leachate, and the non-combustible inorganic components mixed into the waste gradually move downward under the action of gravity and accumulate at the bottom of the waste. Storage pit to avoid excessive input of incombustible components. In the garbage incinerator, the calorific value of the incoming garbage and the temperature of the garbage incinerator are relatively stable. Through the operation of garbage crane, garbage mixed fermentation becomes an indispensable and important link in the incineration process of low calorific value domestic garbage.

Performance requirements and operating environment characteristics of garbage crane grab

1. The main mechanism of the garbage crane grab needs frequent start and stop, reverse switch and gear shift, and the work intensity is high.

2. The composition of the seized object is uneven, and it is difficult to grasp and lift

3. Large lifting height and horizontal moving distance of garbage crane grab

4. The working environment of the garbage crane grab is very bad. As an important facility of the garbage incineration power plant, the garbage storage pit contains acid and alkali gas, which is characterized by high temperature, high humidity and dust.

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