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The type and price of double beam gantry crane


A double-beam gantry crane is a type of bridge crane in which the bridge or beam is supported by a gantry that moves at either end or one end on ground rails. It can be used for lifting and moving materials in warehouses, freight yards or wharves.

Double beam gantry crane is a widely used lifting equipment, it has the following advantages:
Strong bearing capacity, can use the main and auxiliary hooks at the same time, suitable for large heavy lifting.
Large span, can cover a large operation area, improve work efficiency.
Good overall stability, box shape or truss structure, enhance stiffness and wind resistance.
Variety, can be customized according to the needs of users, to meet the requirements of different occasions.

There are many types of double-beam gantry cranes, which can be divided into the following categories according to different uses and environments:
Ordinary type: It is used for lifting and moving materials in warehouse, freight yard or wharf. The carrying capacity is generally between 5-500 tons, the span is between 18-35 meters, and the working level is A3-A7.
Lightweight: Used for the lifting and moving of lightweight materials, the bearing capacity is generally between 1-10 tons, the span is small, the working level is low, generally single beam structure.
Door type: Used for lifting and moving containers or large objects in ports or shipyards and other places. The carrying capacity is generally between 30-1000 tons, with a large span and a higher level of work.
Explosion-proof type: It is used to lift and move materials in places with flammable, explosive or corrosive gases. The carrying capacity is generally between 5-75 tons, span between 18-32 meters, and the working level is A4-A6.

The price of a double beam gantry crane depends on a variety of factors, such as load capacity, span, lifting height, job class and manufacturer. For example, double beam gantry cranes capable of carrying 50 tons are usually of double beam construction, span between 18 and 35 meters and lift between 6 and 18 meters. This type of crane can cost anywhere from tens of thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the manufacturer and configuration.