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MDG single main beam gantry crane: Ideal for lifting operations in freight yards and factories


MDG type gantry crane is a single beam gantry crane with large clear space due to the L-shaped construction. It has light weight and low overall height; Compact construction and more cost saving, it is a cost-effective gantry crane compared to other types of gantry crane. The maximum lifting capacity is 50 tons. Widely used in the open field, wharf, along the railway and other places.


MDG single main beam gantry crane is mainly composed of L-shaped gantry frame, walking mechanism, trolley parts, electrical control system and other components. Its gantry steel structure is mainly composed of the main beam, L-leg, lower beam (crane walking parts) and other components. Connected by high strength bolts. The moving parts of the crane are included in the lower beam. The motor is driven by the reducer. The structure is reasonable and the operation is stable. The car uses a special structure, the design of the whole car wrapped in the main beam, the car running track in the side and above the main beam. Use side rails to make the car hang on the main beam, above the main beam there is a main track for the car to walk. It has a compact and reasonable structure. The trolley lifting mechanism is driven by the motor reducer, driving the reel to lift the wire rope hook, and other crane lifting mechanism is the same 1.

MDG single main beam gantry crane features

Because of the L-shaped construction, it is easier to lift and move long items, such as steel pipes and steel plates, through the legs. It is also ideal for tilt operation.
It has light weight and low overall height; Compact structure, save more cost, is a cost-effective gantry crane.
Yongtong MDG single girder gantry Crane has a strong construction that can withstand harsh working conditions and extend its service life.
The modular design makes it easy to assemble and disassemble. It requires little maintenance and lower running costs.


MDG single main beam gantry crane specifications
According to different manufacturers and products, MDG single main beam gantry crane specifications may vary. Here is a reference example:
Lifting capacity: 5-50t
Span: 18-35m
Lifting height: 6-12m
Lifting speed: 5-12m/min
Trolley traveling speed: 20-40m/min
Vehicle speed: 30-60m/min
Job level: A5-A6

The MDG single main beam gantry crane is a versatile and efficient device that can easily handle heavy loads. Its maneuverability, lifting capability and safety features make it ideal for a variety of applications in different industries. Whether you are in construction, manufacturing, shipping or warehousing, L-type gantry cranes help you handle materials quickly and efficiently. In the selection of purchase need to be based on lifting parameters, work level and applicable environment and other factors to choose to meet the actual needs.