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BZD type jib crane: structure composition, lifting parameters and performance characteristics


BZD type fixed column rotary jib crane is a kind of widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile, shipbuilding and other modern industry production line, assembly line, warehouse, wharf and other occasions of material lifting operations. The following is a detailed introduction of the BZD type rotary arm crane:


structure composition

BZD type fixed column rotary arm crane is composed of column device, rotary device, rotary arm device and electric hoist, the main column, rotary arm beam, lifting mechanism, rotary mechanism, electrical system. The lower end of the column is fixed on the concrete foundation, and the rotating arm can be rotated according to the user's needs. The rotary part is divided into manual rotary and electric rotary, electric hoist installed on the spiral arm track, used to lift heavy objects.

lifting parameters

The lifting parameters of Yongtong BZD fixed column rotary jib crane include rated lifting weight of 0.5-5 tons, radius of rotation of 2-10 meters, maximum lifting height of 3-10 meters. The lifting speed can be adjusted by single speed, double speed and frequency conversion. The running speed of the trolley is generally 20m/min, and the maximum turning speed is 1r/min. These lifting parameters enable BZD type jib crane to adapt to different lifting needs, and provide high efficiency and high accuracy in the operation process.

BZD type fixed column rotary jib crane is suitable for indoor or outdoor fixed lifting operations, especially in industrial production, warehouse logistics, dock loading and unloading and other occasions. Suitable for mass material handling, loading and unloading, stacking and assembly operations.

performance characteristics

Fixed column slewing crane is more flexible in space utilization and suitable for material handling and handling in industrial production.
Fixed column slewing crane has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, low noise and long life.
The lifting mechanism of fixed column rotary jib crane can be controlled by infinitely variable speed, which can realize stepless adjustment of lifting speed and meet the needs of various working conditions.
Variable frequency speed control technology can be adopted to realize accurate amplitude adjustment according to needs.
With perfect safety protection devices, such as heavy load limit, height limit, amplitude limit, etc., to ensure safe and reliable work.
Simple operation, easy maintenance, operators only need to accept simple training can operate independently.

BZD type fixed column rotary jib crane is a kind of efficient, flexible, safe and reliable lifting equipment, widely used in a variety of fixed lifting operations. In the selection of purchase need to be based on lifting parameters, work level and applicable environment and other factors to choose to meet the actual needs.