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Metallurgical industry essential equipment: QDZ metallurgical bridge crane structure and parameter introduction


QDZ metallurgical bridge crane is a kind of crane specially used for lifting molten metal in metallurgical industry. It is mainly used for lifting and transporting heavy metal materials in steel works, founds and aluminum works and working in high temperature environment.

 structure composition

QDZ metallurgical bridge crane is mainly composed of bridge, lifting mechanism, electrical system, control system and other parts.

Bridge: mainly composed of girder, trolley, wheel, connecting plate and other parts. The girder adopts box structure, which has high stiffness and strength and can bear large loads. The trolley adopts the double beam structure, which can drive along the track on the bridge frame to realize the lateral movement of goods.

Lifting mechanism: mainly by metallurgical special motor, hard gear reducer, brake, wire rope, hook and other parts. The motor adopts stator voltage regulation and speed regulation technology, which has the characteristics of smooth lifting and precise positioning. The steel wire rope adopts the high-strength steel core wire rope, which can withstand the larger tension. The hook adopts the rotatable design, which can easily carry out the lifting and unloading of goods.

Electrical system: mainly composed of motor, cable, switch and other parts. The motor adopts energy-saving three-phase asynchronous motor, which can provide reliable power support. The cable adopts explosion-proof and wear-resistant special cable, which can adapt to harsh working environment. The switch adopts PLC control technology, which can realize automatic control.

Control system: mainly by the control cabinet, remote control, display screen and other parts. The control cabinet adopts the sealed structure with high protection grade, which can protect the electrical components from the influence of the external environment. Remote control adopts wireless remote control technology, which can realize remote control. The display screen can display the crane's running state and fault information in real time.

 lifting parameters

QDZ Metallurgical bridge crane is designed to lift heavy loads with a maximum carrying capacity of 500 tons. It can lift up to 30 meters and span up to 50 meters. The lifting speed of the crane can be adjusted, with a maximum lifting speed of 13 meters/min and a maximum walking speed of 40 meters/min.


 the applicable environment

QDZ Metallurgical bridge cranes are designed to operate in high temperature environments with a temperature range of up to 800℃. It is designed to handle heavy loads and work in harsh environments, such as steel mills, foundries and aluminium plants. The crane is also suitable for outdoor use. It has anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties.

 performance characteristics

QDZ metallurgical bridge crane is a kind of bridge crane equipment specially designed for iron and steel metallurgy industry, it has the following outstanding characteristics:

Strong carrying capacity: This type of crane can be customized to different needs and has a strong carrying capacity, between 10 tons and 320 tons to choose from.

High reliability: metallurgical bridge crane adopts advanced reinforced beam structure, safety hook and excellent control system, so that the equipment can still maintain good stability and safety in a long time of high strength working state.

Working environment adaptability: due to the harsh working environment of the metallurgical industry, this kind of crane has strict requirements on materials and structure, and can adapt to high temperature, dust, sewage and other environmental conditions.

Easy to operate: QDZ metallurgical bridge crane is usually equipped with remote control, driving operation room and other functions to ensure that operators can stay away from dangerous areas to operate, reduce safety risks.

Small pollution: the crane adopts advanced technology such as stepless speed regulation to reduce environmental pollution.

When using QDZ metallurgical bridge crane, be sure to follow the manufacturer's installation and operation requirements, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment. At the same time, regular equipment maintenance and inspection, to ensure that the bridge crane in the long-term work of good performance.